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If you have suffered bodily injury as a result of an accident and your physical integrity has been damaged (functional limitations, paraplegia, quadriplegia, etc.), the responsibility for the offender may be engaged. The law even provides in some cases for a presumption of responsibility. Here are some cases that occur frequently in our civil liability files.

You Have Suffered A Fall

Every owner has a duty to maintain his property to prevent accidents. So, when there is a risk of danger without sufficient indication (insufficient lighting, slippery sidewalk, collapsing balcony, absence of a staircase ramp, hidden hole), he will be held responsible for injuries caused to the victim.

However, in some cases, the victim will not be able to obtain full compensation if the evidence shows that they were not diligent; for example, when she was familiar with the scene of the accident, or if she was not wearing her winter boots when she slipped on the sidewalk. Taking the Legal help is the best choice here.